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How does a plot that involves the assassination attempts of President Reagan and Pope John Paul II, KGB scheming, and CIA intrigue become the final act to topple the Soviet Empire?


Dear Brothers & Sisters,

As the writer and director of THE DIVINE PLAN project, I come to you with good news. TODAY, November 9, marks the anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, a cause for celebration. Though we live in troubling times, I hope my letter finds you filled with God’s grace and peace that surpasses all understanding. I thank God for all of you, and for allowing me to be His ambassador for this film’s message of Faith and Freedom.

Because of the film, I have met in churches, movie theaters, and cultural centers across the country and the world, and I learned that THE DIVINE PLAN stands as a beacon of light and a message of reconciliation for those of all political and religious persuasions. Freedom and brotherhood as exemplified by the mission of John Paull II and Ronald Reagan was not without its own sacrifice, including assassinations, the threat of nuclear war, Marxist repression, and endless trials and tribulations. But what comes from those who righteously fight the good fight is what is right and just to every precious life,  including those unborn. John Paul, and Ronald Reagan, completed their Divine mission on the global stage and played their roles, as modern Apostles, asking that we follow them, as they followed Christ.

Truth be told, mainstream media would not have created THE DIVINE PLAN, nor has it supported it, and our efforts have been hindered by COVID-19. That's where you come in–you who believe in the power of this story and its liberating message. You who know the power of faith to tear down walls. This is the only appeal letter I have written for the film, but I've seen those inspired in all walks of life, and I have witnessed the impact of the message of unity Ronald Reagan and John Paul II had on the world. Your donations would help magnify the message.

The film has filled theaters and broken records for a one-night showing. Crowds packed screenings at The White House, Ronald Reagan Library, even the Vatican. But what I most remember are the little ways that God made Himself known. The woman who felt called to fly to an Illinois church and deliver to me John Paul's zuchetto (the one he wore when he was shot). The elderly man in Virginia who wrote a prayer for me on the back of a postcard. A young Miami college student who shared with me that a film on campus restored her faith and allowed her to speak freely. 

People of Hope, I am exhorting you now, even challenging you, that if you believe in the powerful message of Faith and Freedom behind this film, please donate whatever you can now. You will be helping us continue promoting not just THE DIVINE PLAN, but other films like it to come, and to make our voices heard in a time of division and turmoil. For more information, visit

May the Grace of the Lord be with us all, as we continue to seek what is right, holy and just. Thank you, all.

Robert Orlando

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